Radio Show Host Launches New Women’s Suit Collection



Online radio personality & host of 16barz radio MsGravzdigga launched her new women’s suit collection via instagram last week during New York fashion Week. “Who needs a runway when you have city streets”  MsGravzdigga posted on instagram on 9/11. We met up with the “Queen of Everything” she likes to call herself this past weekend to discuss her inspiration behind her new collection. “Total freedom of self-expression meets feminism on the lower east side of Buffalo New York.” MsGravzdigga says she wanted to show another side of urban women wear without the shade of stereotypes or conformity. “I feel women should be able to express themselves without feeling the need to expose too much of their bodies and to be able to reserve some things for themselves,” She says. “I wanted to create a line for women which will display other ways to be sexy without exposing too much but also still show strength, individuality & sexuality in a way that is powerful and not degrading”.


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